10 Smart Beauty Hacks For Travelers

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Whether you’re a beauty newbie or you’ve been into all things makeup and hair for years, there’s always something new you can learn. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite makeup artist- and beauty editor-recommended tips and tricks. These beauty tips will help you make your beauty shop look like it’s done by a professional, get the most out of your skin care products, and maximize your beautiful hair salon-new every day. Plus: These tips are so easy, you won’t have to change your daily routine to get the benefits of these simple makeup, hair and nail tips.

10 Smart Beauty Hacks For Travelers

Your nails), apply a little Vaseline around the border where your nails end and your skin begins. Wait for your manicure to dry, then wash your hands – any brush that has landed on the Vaseline will wash off.

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Dry shampoo is the ultimate life-saver when you have to be somewhere, but you don’t have time to wash your hair. But you can get more out of your shampoo bottle if you use it

‘s Beauty Director, April Franzino. “The hair will absorb it when you sleep and you will be happy in the morning.”

These simple tips will make your perfume last longer: Don’t rub your wrists together to apply perfume (it makes it wear off faster). Instead, click together.

Contrary to popular belief, loading you under the eyes with concealer will not remove the dark circles – in fact, using a ton of cover looks unnatural.

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Can make you look normal. Instead, use a thin layer of a sheer concealer that evens out your skin tone without covering up your complexion completely.

Cat eyes will always be cool, but this “poppy eye liner” Korean makeup got us hooked. Instead of flicking your eyeliner to the end, drag it downwards on your cheekbone for a rounder, wider-sized eye.

Knowing what each part of your eye is called is half the battle when it comes to following up with beauty tutorials. Be sure to add tips to your Pinterest beauty board so you can master your makeup.

Tired of your lips smearing, smudging, or fading throughout the day? Set it with translucent powder – but don’t put it directly on your lips. Alternatively, blot through a tissue

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The amount of powder entering your pout. And follow the rest of this simple lipstick how-to so that your color will remain gorgeous as long as possible.

Skin care is not one-size-fits-all, so adjusting your schedule can help you get the best results for your skin. “Multi-masking is when using multiple masks or layers simultaneously on the skin to protect different skin types at once,” explains New York City esthetician Cecilia Wong. If you have an oily T-zone but a dry chin, for example, you can use a hydrating mask on the sides of your face and a charcoal on your forehead, nose, and chin. It’s like you’re in a spa!

A quick way to add depth to your eyes without using eyeliner: mascara stamping. Gently press your mascara against the bottom of your lashes to give them a soft, dark look – almost like eyeliner, but more natural.

Face Powder formulas work well for those with larger pores, while creams provide a dewy finish and last longer. Gels are great for a healthy glow but often lack staying power, the stains are perfect for people who tend to sweat a lot. Here is our guide to the four important things!

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Blush can make your skin look beautiful, but if you use the wrong color, it can interfere with your skin tone. Check out our easy tips to choose the best shade for your skin so you can get glowing.

Has it gotten dark? Puffiness? Good lines? Everyone’s under eye problems are different, so be sure to take your skin concerns into consideration and choose the best concealer for the job.

Tired of your main topic? Put the face gloss on. Instead of contouring your face, all you have to do is dab a little light on the top of your cheekbones, on your cheekbones, and in the middle of your lips .

If you are satisfied with your face with heavy pencils, powders, and gels, you may want to try hair pomade instead. It only takes 10 seconds to apply, and it writes, fluffs, and pictures – all while looking at the whole thing.

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When applying blush, use your cheekbones as your guide to give you the best flattering look. For example, the oval face should start the application of the chin, sweeping slowly as the temples. Follow our tips on figuring out the right blush technique for your face to get the most out of your rouge.

Enhance your makeup by applying a blush (or whatever color is your perfect shade) on your eyes, lips,

Need an extension like lashes? Between layers of mascara, try fluffing of a little translucent powder to add thickness and length. Use our quick and easy guide to master this sweet technique without looking dusty.

Got a round face and feel like sculpting your cheekbones and jawline? Try this cheek contouring technique that’s as easy as 1-2-3! Follow our easy contouring tips here.

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It’s happened to us all: Just when you’ve grown your nails so they’re healthy, strong, and all long, you get a snag. But don’t reach for the scissors right away – a teabag plus a little glue is the best remedy. Wait a few minutes and you’ll be ready for some nail art once again.

Taking your hair dryer at face value is a big mistake if you are a curly girl. If you suffer from frizz and heat damage, it’s time to try a diffuser, which is “a hair dryer that reduces a lot of the frizz that comes when curly hair is air-dried,” explains the hair color Britt White.

Twirling your hair, then plopping it into the diffuser attachments, and blowdrying it on low will make all the difference.

Sam’s interest in makeup is rivaled only by their love of all things cat related. In their spare time, they like to watch horror movies, put avocado on everything, and see how many shades they can dye their hair before 30.

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