5-minute Makeup Routine For A Polished Look

5-minute Makeup Routine For A Polished Look – Learn how to look well-rested, refreshed and beautiful in just 5 minutes using my easy 5-minute makeup tutorial. This no-fuss makeup look is easy to create and perfect for everyday wear.

Thanks to 2020, most of us are no longer rocking a full face of glamorous makeup on a daily basis, and the newest makeup trend is the “no makeup” makeup look.

5-minute Makeup Routine For A Polished Look

Like many of you who have shared with me on Instagram recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing less full face makeup over the past year, and as a result, my nighttime skincare routine has become the #1 priority.

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I love that it not only saves time, but also allows my skin to breathe better.

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite 5 minute makeup looks in my easy no foundation makeup tutorial.

This natural makeup look is super easy to create and you’ll go from tired to gorgeous and well-rested in just 5 minutes!

Today’s look is the first of several makeup looks I’ll be sharing with my new Easy Makeup series on my YouTube channel, so subscribe here if you haven’t already.

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This simple, natural, 5-minute makeup tutorial aims to enhance the skin’s natural beauty and make the eyes look fresh and vibrant.

I also share my favorite simple makeup tricks to make you look beautiful.

Even better, this no-fuss makeup tutorial only uses a few makeup products (which I’ve listed below) and is super easy to recreate for a simple, everyday makeup look.

If you’re not wearing foundation, make sure you wash and/or exfoliate, moisturize, and use a hydrating/brightening primer.

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I’ve been loving using C’est Moi Milk It Shimmer Hydrafluid lately as it adds a gorgeous shimmery glow to the skin, making you look super fresh.

To really enhance your skin’s natural beauty, add some color to your face and highlight your face to highlight your best features.

I absolutely love wet and wild blushes to add the perfect touch of color and shine to the face. You can check all samples/reviews here.

I also recommend adding a little highlight to the inner corner of the eye, under the brow bone, the tip of the nose, and just above the lip.

How To Look Polished Without Makeup

All these little touches of glow really wake up the face by highlighting and enhancing your features.

If you really want to look fresh, vibrant, and put together, you’ll definitely want to take a few minutes to focus on your eyes.

Another easy eye-enhancing trick I like to use on non-foundation days is to apply a black, brown, or gray eyeliner to the outer part of the upper lash line, then lightly smudge it to create a thin winged look.

Winged eyeliner is a great way to naturally lift the eyes and it adds a subtle, romantic touch to any makeup look.

The No Makeup Makeup Eyeliner Trick I Keep Using For Zoom

In my opinion, using a soft eyeliner pencil like this and an angled eyeliner brush is the easiest way to create a simple winged look, and it only takes seconds to do once you’ve done it a few times.

For a simple, everyday look like this, I recommend using a neutral shade of lipstick or a lip balm within 3 shades of your natural lip color.

Nudes, natural pinks or purples are great choices. (If you need some recommendations, check out my best nude drugstore lipsticks!)

Lately I’ve been using lip balm and the doctors formula tinted lip care is the BEST.

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I also top off all of my lipsticks with Grande Lips Lip Plumper (get 15% off with KINDLY15) and the shade ‘Sunbaked Sedona’ is absolutely gorgeous.

I just apply it to the center of my lips for a fuller effect and it really makes my lips look fuller and super hydrated and shiny.

As you can see in the photo below, a few makeup products and easy makeup tricks can make you look really rested and put together.

This is a 5-minute makeup look that I love doing all the time because it’s so simple and requires little effort.

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Thanks for checking out my no-nonsense makeup tutorial and easy 5 minute makeup look! I hope you try this 5-minute makeup look and find my tips helpful! Be sure to check out my video tutorial here. Have you been without foundation lately? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking for ways to pare down my beauty routine to simple things. The ultimate goal is always, “How to get ready faster with the simplest routine?”

I understand that “simple” is relative, and for many people, this list of products does not meet the definition of the word. For me it works.

Better than plain, this routine is quick, lasts all day, and leaves me feeling polished and confident. This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission if you click on them and purchase them through an active link in your browser. (Thank you!)

If you want to see a tutorial on how I got this look, click here. I shared it on my Instagram a few weeks ago. It’s very fast. To make it faster, make it a habit to wear one makeup every day. During training, it takes less time and you don’t have to think about every step. I usually change my lip color.

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If you want to polish it up a bit, I add this foundation from Tarte and a warm brown eyeshadow from this palette. I usually do this for an important meeting, church or a photo shoot.

As much as I love makeup, nothing beats a good skincare regimen. You can see my skincare picks in this post. I never sleep with my makeup on and clean my makeup sponges and brushes often. I like to use charcoal soap to naturally clean my brushes and sponge.

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