Month: March 2024

Men’s Fashion Essentials: Building A Capsule Wardrobe

Men’s Fashion Essentials: Building A Capsule Wardrobe – This guide will teach you how to build a minimalist men’s wardrobe, ready for any season or occasion.

That’s a good question. I mean, is it really possible to build a “complete” wardrobe? Can you really get to the point where you’re done shopping forever?

Men’s Fashion Essentials: Building A Capsule Wardrobe

According to men’s fashion expert Barron Cuadro – founder of EffortlessGent and creator of the lean wardrobe philosophy – the answer is

A Comprehensive Guide To Fall ’23 Men’s Fashion

But you have to embrace the principle of interchangeability. You must avoid owning clothes that you cannot really wear.

While you can experiment with trends, maintaining a minimalist wardrobe requires you to cut back drastically and often (at least once a year).

Imagine having a wardrobe and shoes with plenty of space to store everything you own and enough room … Read the rest

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Benefits Of Regular Exercise – We all know the benefits of physical exercise, but we are too lazy to devote ourselves to spending our free time in the gym or doing sports. On the other hand, it is a time management problem.

How can we manage all the work and find time for exercise? My opinion is that we never think about important work when planning our free time. The following article is an attempt to explain why we need to rethink our priorities and put more training on paper.

Benefits Of Regular Exercise

Besides many physical benefits, recent research shows that there is another immediate benefit we get from exercise and physical activity – increased productivity. In addition to that, research proves that regular exercise can make you happier, smarter, and stronger.

The Benefits Of Regular Exercise In Your Daily Life

Your brain is the most important tool you … Read the rest

The Science Of Retinol: Benefits And Uses

The Science Of Retinol: Benefits And Uses – Do you notice skin redness and fine lines? Do you also experience loss of skin elasticity, or suffer from adult acne? One substance has been scientifically proven to be able to solve all problems – Retinoids, or the group of Vitamin A. This group of substances is recognized as the “royal family” of skin care because they are the scientific “gold standard” in topical treatment for skin aging and acne too! Before we go deep into the world of retinoids…You probably saw it on our Instagram that By will be launching a retinoid-based (Retinal) product soon,   how about we take a look back at their top retinoid benefits and how to get the most out of them! 1. The history of vitamin A Retinoids were initially discovered and used as a topical and oral medication for many skin conditions, especially for acne. … Read the rest

Step-by-step Tutorial: Natural Makeup Look

Step-by-step Tutorial: Natural Makeup Look – Hi everyone, I’ve finally started a bridal step by step tutorial series and I’m hoping to do at least one a week from now until fall.

Today’s look is a natural “no makeup” look, perfect for flash photography and suitable for everyone. This look will enhance your features without making you look anything heavy, and you’ll glow just like the natural beauty in your photos.

Step-by-step Tutorial: Natural Makeup Look

I think this is a really simple look that you can do yourself in 10 minutes instead of paying someone $300 just because it’s “bridal.” It’s perfect for taking photos on special days because it won’t make you look tired.

Instant Age Rewind Perfector 4 In 1 Glow Makeup

I paired my natural look with my Alice headband which I think would look great on a bride, although I must admit I wear … Read the rest

Wellness-infused Beauty Products

Wellness-infused Beauty Products – 18 new fitness and wellness products on our radar From the Apple Watch Series 6 to Lululemon’s ice-colored leggings, here are the launches we’re excited about.

All the exciting updates — like advanced sleep tracking and automatic hand-washing detection — announced earlier this year have arrived in the new Apple Watch Series 6 (starting at $529). Perhaps the most unexpected and highly praised addition is the blood oxygen sensor, which measures the oxygen saturation of the user’s blood. Apple says the reading “represents the percentage of oxygen carried by red blood cells from the lungs to the rest of the body and shows how well that oxygenated blood is being carried around the body.” Get even more out of your watch when Fitness+, Apple’s take on digital fitness classes, launches this fall.

Wellness-infused Beauty Products

You don’t know ease until you’ve put on (and eventually taken … Read the rest

5 Must-have Accessories For Fall

5 Must-have Accessories For Fall – It’s that time of year again, can you smell the pumpkin spice in the air? This season the focus is on neutral colors and easy style. Think of your basic long-sleeved tops or sweaters in shades of brown, beige, black, and cream. Adding the right accessories can transform your outfit from simple to stylish with minimal effort. Our event winners, finalists, and nominees helped us select the best accessories to help you spice up your wardrobe this fall!

Felt hats have become a staple fall accessory. You can find a variety of felt hats in different shapes and sizes to suit your specific style. If you’re new to the hat game, start by adding a light brown fedora to your wardrobe for the perfect fall touch. This quickly transforms an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one. Pair your new hat with a long-sleeved sweater … Read the rest


Behind The Scenes: Fashion Week Makeup Trends

Behind The Scenes: Fashion Week Makeup Trends – Obviously, fashion shows are primarily about fashion inspiration. But the runways of New York, Paris, London and Milan have also become breeding grounds for beauty trends. Sometimes the hair and makeup looks are too avant-garde for many of us, like the bleached brows, black lipstick and sculpted faux hawks that definitely had a moment at the Fall 22 shows (props to anyone who managed to pull this off, though). Thankfully, there was plenty of everyday-appropriate beauty down the runway as well. Here’s a refresher on the top six most wearable (yet totally gorgeous) hair, makeup and skincare trends we saw in the US and abroad during Fall 2022 fashion week so you can start trying them this season — if you Haven’t done it yet.

This. was everywhere. Valentino, Saint Laurent, Christian Siriano, Gucci, Giambattista Valli… the list goes on. And here’s … Read the rest

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading – The prices below are for fine to medium thick facial hair. Additional charges for thick or difficult to remove hair, or if your service requires additional time beyond our standard service time.

For regularly maintained eyebrows. Additional charge for enhanced brows or when you need more than our usual TLC!

Eyebrow Threading

“I’ve been getting eyebrow threading done for years and this is by far my favorite place I’ve gone. No matter which technician I see, my eyebrows always turn out great. They’re also very quick and efficient ( Without compromising on quality at all) and I am always impressed by their excellent customer service, not only for me, but for others as well, which is why I felt compelled to leave a review which I don’t do. It often takes time to do. But these guys are great! ~Alicia, a very happy customer”

Eyebrow Threading: Everything

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