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Healthy Skin Basics

Healthy Skin Basics – It’s mid-year, winter & time to recommit to your skincare basics. We share 9 basics that we believe will keep your skin looking healthy and gorgeous no matter the season or time of year!

Sunscreen may seem basic, but it’s your best defense against aging and skin cancer. Start making a commitment today to wear sunscreen daily as part of your morning routine.

Healthy Skin Basics

If you think you don’t need sunscreen because you’re not outside during the winter months, think again! Studies show that even blue light created by our computers and electronic devices has a negative effect on our skin. For example, one small study found that blue light exposure was linked to the production of free radicals, which are associated with premature skin aging. Not to mention that UVA rays can even harm your skin through windows.

Skin Care Basics For Healthier,

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Daily Skin Nourishment

Daily Skin Nourishment – Whether we’re talking about food, exercise, or skin care, our regular habits can make a big difference over time. What we do every day or every week adds up, for better or worse.

For example, regularly sleeping with makeup on can clog pores and cause inflammation. Not using sunscreen regularly can lead to sunburn and cumulative skin damage over time. How else can your daily habits affect your skin?

Daily Skin Nourishment

Discover daily, weekly, and monthly fixes you can make to improve the health and appearance of your skin starting today.

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Your daily skin care routine starts with washing your face twice a day. Wash once in the morning and once before going to bed.

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Revitalizing Skincare Routine

Revitalizing Skincare Routine – A few months ago I went into detail about my daytime skincare routine, so I thought it was time to dive into Monat’s nighttime skincare routine as well. They definitely make a difference, so I wanted to share a little more about my nighttime skincare routine!

When I have a full face of makeup on, I use two different products to cleanse at night. I start with the Makeup Vanishing Balm, which just melts off my face makeup! Waterproof mascara comes off instantly, long-wearing lipstick, and everything else in just a few swipes with this cleansing balm! This is my favorite! And then step 2, after all the makeup is removed, I wash off with the Be Balanced cleanser to get an extra clean face.

Revitalizing Skincare Routine

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