Diy Dry Shampoo: Beauty Hack For Greasy Hair

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Confession: I hate washing my hair. Everyone has different ideas about how often you should wash your hair, but for me, the maximum I can commit to is twice a week. A shower that involves full shampooing and conditioning takes too much time, not to mention the extra minutes it takes to style your hair afterwards. This is why dry shampoo isn’t usually a topic of discussion for me, and luckily for me (and you) I recently learned a new trick that has completely changed the way I use the product for the better.

Diy Dry Shampoo: Beauty Hack For Greasy Hair

Sometimes I apply dry shampoo right after washing and styling my hair as a preventative, but most often I use it in the morning after waking up with greasy roots. However, I often find that no matter how much I use it, my hair ends up feeling a little crunchy and rough—no matter how many brands I try. Because of this, I tried to skip a step as much as possible. I can usually go a full five to six days without shampooing, but lately my hair has been getting greasy after just one or two days of washing.

I Tried Tiktok’s Dry Shampoo And Water Hack: See Photos

Thinking it might be time to bring dry shampoo back into my routine, I decided to do some research to see if there were any good hacks on my favorite beauty tips and tricks app: TikTok. Eventually, I came across a video made by influencer Jaycee Marie, where she demonstrated a technique of spritzing water on her hair after using dry shampoo. Wanting to try it out, I decided to give it a try that evening.

Before going to bed, I put together my product of choice, Unite Hair U:DRY Clear Dry Shampoo ($29) and a spray bottle filled with water. I started by spritzing dry shampoo at the roots of my hair and then waited about five minutes for the product to absorb the oil in my hair. Then I rubbed it into my scalp. Then I got down to the weird part—wetting my hair with water. I took a spray bottle and wet my roots and scalp. I tried to only wet the areas where I dry shampooed, skipping the mid-lengths and ends. From there I went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning and went to the bathroom to see how my hair looked, I was surprised to see that I had a lot more volume at the roots. Instead of it actually being glued to my head, everything was fluffy and, dare I say, clean? While I wouldn’t say my hair looked like I just jumped out of the shower and blew it out, it was a huge improvement over how it usually looked after days of not washing and only using dry shampoo.

I tried this trick a few more times after the first run, and I found that it worked regardless of the brand of dry shampoo I was using. It’s been a game changer and I’m back to going six days between washes, so that’s a win in my book. So many of my self-care products are made for self-care (like this silk body butter with beeswax!). But this easy DIY dry shampoo recipe is a life necessity… especially for busy moms! Made in less than five minutes, this lightweight dry shampoo uses minimal ingredients and is suitable for both light and dark hair.

Dry Shampoo Alternatives For When You’re In A Pinch

As a very busy mom, my hair is either flat ironed or curled. But it is rarely washed (not just me, right?!).

I had no idea until last year that there are so many different ways to do this! I’ve always only used arrowroot powder, but after a little experimentation, I discovered that there is a much better way to use this natural hair care product.

The main ingredient in this DIY shampoo is arrowroot powder. Arrowroot and cornstarch are pretty interchangeable, but both work because they absorb.

When you rub arrowroot powder into your scalp, it helps absorb and draw out oil, making your hair a little lighter than it was before.

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The problem with arrowroot alone is that it only really works if your hair is blonde. Otherwise, you’ll look a little dusty around your roots.

To choose a dry shampoo with your own hands for your hair color, add a little cocoa or cocoa powder. My hair is light but not light at the roots so I add a teaspoon of cocoa powder.

The darker your hair, the more cocoa powder you’ll want to add, although one teaspoon is a great start.

While essential oils aren’t necessary, they make a DIY dry shampoo recipe a little more luxurious (like this aloe vera shampoo)! I like to choose essential oils that smell good and complement my hair.

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Essential oils of lavender and cedar have been proven to promote hair growth and maintain its thickness. That’s why I usually use them most often and even add them to my homemade hot oil treatment.

Geranium essential oil is just one of my favorite scents to pick up when I’m feeling greasy and unkempt.

Combine blends that you personally like, but also know that the essential oils are not critical to the dry shampoo recipe.

I’ve always used powder for this recipe, but over the last year I’ve started using dry shampoo spray. Both recipes are effective in removing grease from your hair. However, the benefit of the spray is that it doesn’t make a big mess.

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Dry shampoo powder tends to get everywhere when you use it, while spray only keeps it on your head.

The spray uses witch hazel as a base, which is a staple in many DIY skin care recipes (like this DIY facial toner). Witch hazel is an astringent that helps tame inflammation. However, for the scalp, it can help cleanse the scalp and reduce flaking.

You really want to make sure you apply the shampoo on or within an inch of the scalp, as this is where the oil accumulates

You leave the dry shampoo on for a few minutes to allow the arrowroot to do its job. I actually even applied the powder before bed and left it on overnight and had amazing results.

Diy Dry Shampoo Depending On Your Hair Color

I understand that. Even with simple DIY recipes, sometimes the effort is just too much (especially if you have little ones!). Luckily, I have an all-natural brand that I use for just these occasions.

Primally Pure uses ingredients that I can both pronounce and buy, which is extremely important to me. Grab the dry shampoo and enter the code mamabear10 to save some money on your first order.

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A simple recipe for natural hair care with your own hands, a must for busy moms! Prepared in less than five minutes, this DIY shampoo helps reduce oily build-up in minimal time.

Made in two different ways to best suit your lifestyle, this natural hair care recipe is a must for busy moms. I spend a lot of time, effort and money on my hair. I color it, straighten it and blow dry it every day. And even though I’m very old, I still struggle with oily hair. So it’s hard for me to miss a day of washing my hair, even though I know it’s the best for all the reasons above.

This is why I mostly rely on dry shampoo. Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil, “refreshes” hair and allows you to extend the time between washing your hair. I was shocked to find that I’ve written about dry shampoo no less than THREE times on these pages – and that’s not even covering all the brands I’ve tried but haven’t written about.

And at the end of the day, they all work pretty much the same – regardless of price. This means that they all absorb excess oil quite well, but always leave my hair with a residue that I’m not happy about.

Best Dry Shampoo For Every Hair Type 2023

I’ve never tried making my own dry shampoo because most homemade dry shampoo recipes are for powder, which I find annoying and messy to work with. But when I found this spray recipe, I knew I had to try it.

Friends, this is hands down the BEST dry shampoo I have ever used. BETTER. It smells great, is all natural, contains no toxic ingredients and really works. What I love most about him

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