Body Wrap

Body Wrap – Stay strong, shine and go! Feel confident looking your best with lumafirm ® Firm and Glow Body Wrap. Enriched with unique anti-aging extracts, the latest in peptides and amazing liposomal technology, you’ll have a youthful glow from head to toe. Deeply repairing, smoothing and anti-aging, this wrap will leave every inch of skin velvety smooth and your body visibly rejuvenated, instantly firming and plumping. Experience the visible difference for yourself!

This mango-flavored tropical yogurt wrap contains: malic, tartar and citric acids, potassium, calcium, glucose and other key anti-aging nutrients such as repairing vitamin C. You are transported to a tropical oasis where your senses are gently awakened and the results are spectacular. Your skin will emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, soft, firm and radiantly radiant.

Body Wrap

A superb 3-in-1 unlock, fix and refresh security experience. Blended with green coffee, avocado and shea butter, your skin is infused with new anti-aging agents and natural argan and comfrey plant stem cells. Helping to dissolve unwanted cellulite deposits by reducing skin sagging and repairing sun damage by creating a youthful glow.

Pack Of 3 Body Wrap Elastic Bandages

The key word for this deeply purifying, expressive treatment is “glow.” Feel tension melt away as your skin is gently massaged using aromatic sea salts, mineral salts and essential oils to remove impurities, dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Afterwards, your skin’s surface will be smoother, healthier, brighter and ready for additional body treatments.

This antioxidant-rich body treatment deeply repairs and anti-ages the body. This wrap stimulates blood circulation, releases antioxidants and nutrients, makes skin look firmer and firmer, and promotes healthy cell metabolism.

Containing Longan Superfruit Extract, this antioxidant-rich body treatment is not only great for your skin, but it’s also an extremely effective treatment for fighting acne and sebum. Combining marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, caffeine and shea butter, this body wrap stimulates your cells’ metabolism for exceptional regeneration, while transporting you into the realm of relaxing pleasures. Featuring no-rinse technology, this body treatment supports water retention and longevity, maximizing your skin’s results. A refreshed, smooth and hydrated pop. There is relaxation, luxury and rejuvenation. Most people think of massages, facials, manicures and pedicures. But there’s another sacrifice that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves: the inevitable body wrap.

There are many types of body wraps, each with its own purpose. In this post, we will explain the difference between marine herbal wraps, cellulite reduction wraps and paraffin body wraps.

Detox Clay Body Wraps For Inch Loss (improved Formula)

It’s winter, which means it’s cold outside, and the heater is mostly running constantly in your home. While this heat feels amazing, it can also wreak havoc on your skin—making it dry and cracked.

The purpose of seaweed wrap is to solve such issues. It cares for your skin, softens and repairs it. At the Sewickley Spa, you’ll be wrapped from head to toe, and we’ll massage your head and face. As you cleanse your body of toxins, you become your recovery cocoa!

Ah, cellulite. The kryptonite for anyone who longs to wear shorts or a bathing suit. While those little dimples are natural, it’s understandable if they bother you. You’ve worked hard for your body (and vice versa), so you get to decide how it looks!

That being said, our cellulite reduction wrap provides smoother, firmer and less flabby skin. We use Egyptian techniques to wrap your body – and of course provide a well-deserved head and face massage. How exactly does it work? The wrap speeds up metabolism and flushes out waste, excess fluids, and toxins.

Chocolate Body Wrap (body Care)

The focus of this wrap is to have a pure luxury experience – and to help dry skin too! Bathed in paraffin and cotton and wrapped, they become a cocoon for relaxation. Just like the other wraps, we massage your head and face when your skin and mood are calm.

Now that you know what a body wrap entails, make an appointment to see everything this treatment has to offer!

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Healers Therapeutic & Anxiety Front Body Wrap

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Maximum Inch Loss Mineral Body Wrap

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The history of massage therapy is as rich and complex as the soothing aroma you once experienced. Book your massage today at Sewickley Spa.Our body treatments combine the finest natural botanical ingredients to soothe and invigorate the skin and aromatherapy senses. Click below for full description and pricing.

Algae Heating Body Wrap (body Care)

This fall favorite is back for a while! A relaxing body treatment enriched with naturally derived antioxidants, essential fatty acids, carotenoids, and high levels of vitamin E to nourish the skin. Our Pumpkin Spice Hydrating Mask restores the skin’s water-lipid layer and helps increase nutrients and oxygen in the skin. Wrap yourself in the warm and inviting scents of fall while rejuvenating and softening your skin!

Our detox and slimming body wrap formula is a unique mud blend high in minerals, vitamins and proteins and contains three types of seaweed. This wrap helps to exfoliate the skin, stimulate blood circulation and remove toxins from the body and reduce cellulite.

Sea mud is applied after a full body dry brush to exfoliate and increase circulation. Then you’ll be wrapped in a warm blanket to let the essential nutrients soak into your skin while you relax to the sound of peaceful music. After showering, a luxurious body butter application completes the service. Allow 80 minutes for this service.

Our French Rose Body Wrap uses mineral clay Rosa-centifoliand roses from the Provence region of France. Carefully sun-dried to preserve its purity, the clay contains moisturizing apricot and wheat amino acids, beta glucan, rosa centifolia, aniba rosaeodora, and alpha hydroxy lactic acid as a multi-purpose skin cleanser and softener.

What It’s Like To Get A Chocolate Massage And ‘full Body Wrap’

After a full body dry brush, French rose clay is applied to exfoliate and increase blood circulation. Then, wrap yourself in a warm blanket and relax to the sound of peaceful music to let the essential nutrients penetrate your skin. After your shower, a luxurious body butter application completes the service. Allow 80 minutes for this service.

This fall favorite is back for a limited time! A wonderful treat in its own right – our Pumpkin Spice Body Wash has a warm, inviting autumn scent that relaxes and soothes, while a unique blend of sea salt gently exfoliates your skin. After showering, your treatment ends with our Pumpkin Spice Body Butter Cream, which contains shea butter, pumpkin seeds, and a variety of phytonutrients to plump and moisturize skin with antioxidant properties.

Coffee is arguably the best kept beauty secret but we won’t tell! You will love the wonderful smell of coffee “if you wake me up”, and enjoy the stimulating expression that it offers, with natural sea and mineral salt, all smoothed with a rich blend of butter, velvety avocado and sunflower oil.

After a wet, warm towel is applied to prepare the skin, the scrub is applied to the body in firm circular motions to help bring blood circulation to the skin. After bathing, the treatment is completed with body butter.

Neutripure Spa Formula Body Wrap

Our Turbinado Sugar Body Scrub offers raw sugar at its sweet, chewable best! Super-soft sweet almond and apricot oils help to condition and soften, while raw sugar gently, but effectively, exfoliates and rejuvenates skin. This turbinado (raw) sugar scrub contains many of the vitamins and minerals found in natural cane juice, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron – delicious!

You can also enhance this treatment by adding an essential oil or oil blend of your choice to the sugar scrub and body butter.❥Get a gift card here.

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