Tips For Long-lasting Makeup

Tips For Long-lasting Makeup – It’s the end of summer and where I live, in the UAE, that means it’s officially oven time! (Hooray!) So I thought it was a good time to talk about tips for long-lasting makeup!

Today, my thermometer tells me it’s 46 °C (115 °F), and that’s just the beginning! This heat is going to last for the next 3 or 4 months and since I’m in my third year at Emirates, I think it’s about time I share my tips for heat resistant makeup, which doesn’t move, even now. hot and humid (yes, it’s very humid in summer in Dubai, who knew?). I have done all the crash tests possible and now I can tell if the product will last or not! glance

Tips For Long-lasting Makeup

Before I start this post,  I should tell you that I have oily to combination skin, and my skin gets shiny  especially in the T-zone, especially on my nose and I also have very oily eyelids.

Staying Power: 18 Tips For Long Lasting Makeup

You add heat and usually my makeup takes 2 hours max to melt. But because I choose the right product and the right technique, it lasts all day.

Makeup primers or makeup bases are made with absorbent and/or smoothing ingredients to create, as the name suggests, a base for makeup to stay better on the skin and last longer.

For this, the primer absorbs the skin secretions responsible for the “disintegration” of the makeup, namely sebum (= skin’s natural oils) but also sweat (usually waterproof).

– color pigments for color correction effects (eg green for red, purple for light, yellow for dark spots…).

Tips & Tricks To Make Makeup Last All Day

I confess that I am not a fan of primers with a composition that suits my oily skin. It’s usually very thick and full of silicone, and also, although I find it effective in unclogging my pores and reducing shine, I always end up with a lot of blackheads if I use it more than 2 days in a row.

So, I usually don’t use a face primer, but I can still maintain my makeup by choosing the right products and techniques (I’ll explain in the following paragraphs 😉 ).

Step 1 Matifying primer by Make Up For Ever: silicone-free, contains some absorbent silica to regulate sebum secretion. It goes a long way, and only applies to my T-zone as it tends to emphasize drier areas. And you really have to “build” it on your skin because it tends to get patchy if you don’t blend it perfectly. I only use it occasionally because it’s not the most practical to apply but it actually absorbs sebum really well.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water: it’s a very light mist, it looks like water and you can spray it on your face before or after makeup. Silicone-free, alcohol-free, oil-free and enriched with electrolytes that are supposed to refresh and moisturize the skin.

Top Tips For A Long Lasting Makeup Ideas In 2024

To be honest, I don’t notice a huge difference in the longevity of my makeup with or without it, but I do feel refreshed so I like to use it before makeup because it’s nice to use.

Now, I did a little digging,  and I found out that the Smashbox mist formula is exactly the same as the $24 MAC Mineralize Charged Water (Smashbox $32). So I’ll let you guess which one I’ll buy next! glance

For me, eye makeup primer is really important. They make a huge difference in the staying power of my makeup. In fact, when I discovered her existence, she revolutionized my makeup routine! And I’m hardly exaggerating.

Before, any makeup I put on my eyes would migrate to my crease within 3-4 hours max. Now, I can keep my eye makeup on all day and even into the evening without touching it up. I can finally keep my eye makeup on despite my super oily eyelids!

How Long Does Makeup Last

The composition of this eye makeup primer is far from natural (hello silicone!), but for the eyes, I don’t mind because there is no risk of black heads in that area! glance

Stay Unfazed by Benefits: my concealer primer. Yes, it seems like a bit much, but to be honest, I always do a lot to hide my dark circles (with corrector, concealer and powder on top, I don’t want to be creased for less than 2 hours!) so I apply it before other products. I tried it on the eyelids, it’s not bad but not as effective as other tongues I use.

Mac Paint Pot (in the shade Painterly): I used it as a primer for a very long time even though it’s technically a cream eyeshadow. It’s long-lasting enough to use as a primer (especially if you choose a flesh color like Painterly, for example, for my skin tone) because it blends the lids together and sets the makeup on top. Now I rarely use it because with the heat here and my oily eyelids I need something longer lasting, but for a more temperate climate and drier eyelids than mine, I 100% recommend it.

Pep+ Prime 24-hour extend eye base by MAC and Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base by NARS: my two favorite primers for eyelids! I find them equally effective, they are great. They make sure my eye makeup doesn’t budge during the day, even in the heat. If I had to choose between the 2, I have a slight preference for MAC’s easier-to-use packaging (NARS has an applicator that I don’t find very hygienic or practical). Plus, the MAC one is cheaper… wink

Tips For Longer Lasting Makeup

I apply with my fingertips or with a brush with synthetic bristles (I use 142 Concealer Buffer by ZOEVA) and I set with loose powder or flesh-colored eyeshadow. The powder also helps blend the eyeshadow easily over the primer as it can be a bit sticky if not set with a powder.

The big secret behind long-lasting makeup is to always choose makeup products with long-lasting formulas. In other words, your oil-free products and powders are your best friends.

Application technique is also important: in general, if you want long-lasting make-up, it is better to use all liquid or cream make-up products first and then apply powder after setting everything.

For example, a powder blush applied directly on top of a non-powdered foundation will rub off easily and also be more difficult to blend (if you’re wondering why your blush sometimes makes you look like a clown, here’s a possible explanation ;P ) . The same goes for a cream blush that is applied on top of a powder. First of all, it won’t last long and it can also transfer the foundation and powder you use.

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Finally, the way you apply your product is important: you want to tap it in with a brush or sponge, not swipe it. Using light tapping movements, you will definitely apply your product to the skin and will help it last longer.

I prefer oil-free, matifying foundations like Perfection Lumière Velvet by CHANEL or Velvet Skin Matte Tint by NARS, both of which are light in texture and perfect for applying with your fingertips.

Same thing for concealer, I usually choose a drying, not too creamy, oil-free and waterproof formula like Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier (I use shade SC-3) or Full Cover by Make Up For Ever (I use shade 6 ivory). I use a fine brush with synthetic hair (I like Laura Mercier) or directly with my fingertips.

And if I want my base to look flawless for more than 12 hours, I have a secret weapon: Double Wear by Estée Lauder.

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An oldie but a goodie, this foundation is a bestseller for the brand and has been for a long time. And for a very good reason!

I found it super late (late summer) but since then, it has become my favorite foundation for days when the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees and I still want perfect skin. The coverage is pretty heavy, but when applied sparingly and using a damp Beauty Blender, it doesn’t mask and covers all my imperfections in a flash. Unscented, oil-free, waterproof, hypoallergenic, non-acnegenic and lasting for 15 hours. I can confirm that it does indeed last 15 hours. I did some crash tests when I spent a few days in Qatar or Kuwait for work and flew out very early in the morning (I know in the middle of the night) and came back very late at night the same day and my foundation was still on my face, it looked pretty decent!

Face powder helps set makeup and mattify the skin. Through its texture, it is able to absorb and prevent the make-up from fading for several hours.

Personally, I prefer loose powder for morning makeup because it’s thinner and more natural than compact powder, which I usually reserve for touch-ups throughout the day.

Tips To Help Your Makeup Last All Day Long

I usually use a brush for a more natural effect. As for the application technique, I don’t sweep it with a brush on my face, I prefer to sprinkle the powder on the skin with a brush with a small amount of powder.

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