Sculpting Your Brows: Eyebrow Grooming Tips

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Sculpting Your Brows: Eyebrow Grooming Tips

Between shaving and regular trimming of facial hair, men’s eyebrow grooming can be easily overlooked. Thick and bushy eyebrows are always on trend, and while there are no rules, maintaining them properly can help shape the face and define certain areas. “Thick brows can feel heavy and sometimes flat,” says Joey Healy, a brow expert and owner of New York-based Brow Bar. “Even bushy, bushy brows can benefit from a little arching to help support facial features.” For male-aligned people, grooming brows means removing a lot of hair or making them look like an Instagram model. Not to shape or create high or dramatic arches. Below, we’ve outlined seven simple steps so you can learn everything you need to know about how to shape and trim thick eyebrows at home. Keep scrolling to find out.

Benefits Of Professional Eyebrow Shaping

Joey Healy is an eyebrow expert who owns his own line of eyebrow products, the Joey Healy Eyebrow Collection, as well as Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio, a trendy New York-based brow bar that caters to a unisex clientele.

Healy recommends brushing your brows as the first step. Using a spoolie like the E.l.f. Lash & Brow Wand ($2) – Brush brow hairs upwards to trim.

Sometimes all the brows need is a little trimming without removing any hair from the follicle. Healy recommends starting with clean, dry brows that are free of skincare, sunscreen, or any other product. “Typically thick brows are very dense, especially in the middle, which is where you want to trim the most,” he explains. “Focus on trimming long hair—this means less on the front and less on the tail.” We love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Scissors ($23) to help keep brows thin and defined.

When it comes to maintaining a trim, although everyone is different, Healy notes that usually every two to four weeks is ideal.

How To Groom Your Eyebrows (if You’re Male Aligned)

Tweezing and waxing are common methods of grooming and shaping men’s eyebrows, and everyone has their own preferences. “I feel like tweezing is a great method for everyone (thick and thin brows alike) because there’s no heat or chemicals, and the lines are softer.” Healy says. “It takes out one hair at a time and is more artistic and precise.” Compared to thinner brows, thicker brows are easier to overwork and look uneven, Healy notes, because there’s more work to do. “The idea is that with thicker brows, they inherently look more natural,” he says. “To maintain that look, tweezing (vs. waxing) allows you to expertly clean the brow while maintaining its thick properties.”

However, if you’re a die-hard waxer, you can still achieve clean brows. When it comes to the wax itself, a hard wax (soft) is recommended, especially for beginners, as it is easier to get more precise control.

“Start tweezing hairs really close to the brow bone,” Healy says. “Then focus on giving yourself an arch about two-thirds of the way so they don’t feel heavy.” Thick brows tend to feel heavy when they are dark (which is usually not the case if you have light brows). Thus, a slight arch relief will help give a good lift to the forehead. To get the best tweezers, Healy recommends using good daylight and a high-quality tweezer. We’re big fans of Tweezerman’s Platinum Silver Slant Tweezer ($17), which has a 25-degree slant that makes it easy to grasp short brow hairs.

But what about figuring out where to start with your eyebrows? Healy says to pinch the tweezers on the thin side and rest them on the bridge of your nose. That’s where they should start. “Avoid using your nostrils as a guide,” he says. “Instead, place it against the bridge of the nose, making sure each forehead is evenly spaced.”

How To Choose The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face

No matter which method you choose, the most valuable thing to know when grooming your eyebrows is knowing when to stop. Avoid using a magnifying mirror if you’re tweezing (it makes it easier to fixate and over-tweez), and maintain control throughout the process. “If you have a brow hair that you’re not sure about, don’t pluck it,” Healy says. “This is my tip for maintaining thick brows.” Lean back from the mirror every few minutes to get a full picture.

If you opt for tweezing, Healy recommends timing your grooming session to avoid over-tweezing. Aim to clean for about 10 minutes twice a week.

A brow gel can help maintain unruly brows. For thicker brows, tinted brow gels are ideal, says Healy, as “powders and pencils can sometimes feel heavy on thick brows.” He recommends Hard Candy’s Fiber Brow Gel for the subtle dimension and volume it adds.

“It’s the ultimate three-in-one product because it individually coats the bristles, fills in and adds density to the brows, and offers a strong hold,” says Healy.

Should You Get Your Eyebrows Threaded? Here’s How It Works

Healy recommends using a peptide-based serum to shape and maintain thick brows, like the one from Grande Cosmetics.

Looking for polished brows? Choose a translucent formula that holds and maintains thick brow hairs.

Prepare your skin for waxing with this citrus-scented spray that promises to open pores, lift follicles, and remove dirt and debris.

This kit has all the waxing ingredients you need to groom thick brows: a hard-wearing formula that doesn’t require strips, two spatulas for easy and even application, and a post-wax oil that promises to soothe and calm irritated skin. Taking center stage in the world of makeup; A full and defined brow is more in demand than ever. Perfectly matured, shaped eyebrows frame the face and, if done right, can act as an instant eye-lift. They set your eye area making any eye shadow, liner, or mascara pop, ensuring your eyes become the focal point. To get your brows perfectly defined, follow these quick steps on how to shape, measure, and line your brows. First things first, put it down and step away from the tweezers. Over-tweezing leads to overly thin, misshapen brows that require more work on your end to make them look full and beautiful again. If any tweezing occurs, it should happen at the end of your eyebrow grooming to remove excess hair. Remember, we frown, we don’t pluck them. Read on for our top tips for eyebrow shaping.

I Tried Tiktok’s Brow Mapping Tutorial: Results & Pics

The shape of the forehead is unique to everyone’s face and everyone’s forehead alignment is different. Eyebrows are not one size fits all; Looking amazing on your best friend or favorite celebrity may not be the best look for you. Here are three steps to help you find the perfect eyebrow shape for your face:

Share your beautifully defined brows with us on Instagram! Tag @ #TheSkincareMakeup. Now that your brows are done, learn how to apply eyeshadow flawlessly.

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Sculpted and lifted brows are always the best if you want a bright and balanced look. But who has the time or wants to go through the trouble of having a brow lift professionally done every time? Read more and learn how to skip the salon, natural brow lift—our first at-home brow lift, the Tattoo Studio Brow Lift Stick, lifts, tints, and sculpts brows!

Why The Soap Brow Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere, Anytime Soon

Brushing the brows upwards creates fullness and symmetry, not to mention a quick lifting look. Use a lifter brushed to lift the fur. The New York Tattoo Studio Brow Lift Stick is a unique lifter brush designed to lift and sculpt brows!

Adding volume and brow definition is a great way to elevate your look. Try using brow wax to fill in your arch (or go a bit above the arch).

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