Nailing The Winged Eyeliner Look: Step-by-step Tutorial

Nailing The Winged Eyeliner Look: Step-by-step Tutorial – Winged eyeliner is one of those makeup looks that will never go away, just like red lips, bold lashes and a bold look. It’s the little black dress for your wardrobe (although it’s not easy to slip on), and if you get it right, it’ll take your whole look to a new, fresher look in seconds. However, sometimes it’s difficult to know which wing tutorial you should follow, and thousands all offer special advice on how to get the perfect eyeliner look. That’s where our certified makeup artists come in. Take it from the experts; Here’s an easy way to apply your liner, featuring our ultra-precise liquid formula, Color X-Pert Eyeliner. Time to put it on.

Once you’ve chosen your Color X-Pert Eyeliner shade – black for a bolder look or brown for a softer finish – follow from the inner to the outer corner of your upper corner in one smooth, fine line. Lift slightly from the outer corner and sweep downwards to the end of your browbone.

Nailing The Winged Eyeliner Look: Step-by-step Tutorial

Starting at the end of the flick, run the liquid eyeliner in a straight, almost circular line to the middle of your eyelid, creating a ‘bad spot’. If you make a mistake, avoid painting for a better look, and choose to fix your lines with a damp cotton pad.

How To Draw Winged Eyeliner: 6 Easy Steps For Beginners

Now that you have a good outline, fill in the rough spots to complete your wingtip look. Then, lift your lashes for extra volume with a dramatic mascara, like False Lash Epic.

Finally, choose something that complements your beautiful, beautiful wings. We love a highlighter that’s placed on the cheekbones, brows and nude lips, perfectly matched to your skin tone for a beautiful look.

Looking for more tips on how to apply eyeliner? Brush up on your skills with these quick tips for perfect wings:

• If you want your flicks to be more visible, use a Q-tip as a kind of ruler, holding it from the outside of the eye to the end of your eyebrow. This will keep your lines straight.

How To Apply Eyeliner: Tips From Top Makeup Artists

• You can also drop-to-drop your wings to work easily. Before you fly on the flick, add a dot where you want it to end, and another in the middle of your top line. Make sure the dots are in the same spots on both of your eyes, then place the wings.

• To get a dramatic wing, extend the crease forward before bringing it back to the center of your lid. This changes the aspect of the wing, creating a larger ‘bad’ space to fill in. We should not be ashamed to admit it; many of us makeup people shudder in fear when it comes to a scary but signature tattoo.

Both universally attractive and at the same time often difficult to pull off (asymmetry is in, isn’t it?), the perfect line of wings is a look that can sometimes feel like one of those hidden girl skills that everyone seems to have but you. .

If you’re finally hoping to figure out the intricacies of that flawless cat eye that even Taylor Swift rocks, look no further. After years of trial and error, I’ve managed to nail down a consistent look by following simple steps that make wingtips possible – and I’ve *put* every trick I know below.

How To Do A Perfect Winged Eyeliner Look?

So if you’re a secret cat lover who has given up on their hopes of creating the perfect look, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re cross-eyed and think you can’t wear a winged dress (you can), you tuck your brows to one side before you bother to match the other eye (you’re not alone), or you’ve never tried to look. , you’ll find *every* way to nail this below.

No woman (or man) is left behind in our quest to make the wing line accessible worldwide!

First of all, good skin preparation is important – for every look. Make sure your eye area is well cleansed and hydrated, but free of anything extra that could interfere with your work.

Next, to focus on your look, consider the basics of eyeshadow. For those on the dry side, you may prefer a hydrating-formula to prevent breakouts. For anyone who suffers from excess oil on their eyelids, the mattifying formula can prevent breakouts.

Eyeliner Essentials: Tips, Techniques, And Trends For Stunning Eye Make Up

There are tons of products out there that claim to provide the sharpest wings ever seen. That’s why we’ve simplified the process by explaining what each formula does to help you choose the right product for your needs.

Makeup gels – Makeup gels (which come in a small pot and are applied with a separate brush) usually boast water or smudge-proof properties, so your makeup lasts all day and into the night.

This is easy to use for beginners as it doesn’t dry quickly so you can touch up or change your look as you go. The color of the shade here is usually limited to black and brown, depending on the color you go with, but the prices don’t have to be extravagant; NYX easy to use Epic Black Mousse Eyeliner is £9/$10 .

Water-activated liners- Powder products are designed to be used with a wet brush and are a great alternative to start with because they stay wet when working with a wet brush so you can touch up as you create your line.

How To Create Winged Liner On Hooded Eyes, According To Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes

Water-based forms often offer a variety of colors and subtle rewards for those who want to create art.

Pencil eyeliner – The perfect round-up outfit should be pencil eyeliner. As long as it is sharp, it can pull very sharp wings. Pencils are great for anyone who has the confidence to use a liner but doesn’t feel ready for a pen. Depending on the look you create you can expect anything from a delicious oil that floats on the lids to a waterproof product that won’t budge.

Liquid pens – Liquid pens usually have tapered nibs, which make the work more friction-free and precise. It also provides a long handle, giving you better control while using the product.

They dry quickly, meaning you’ll need a makeup remover and a cotton pad to provide if you’re not confident in your application. Their smooth tips make them quick to use once you get used to them.

The Only Product That Helps Me Get Winged Eyeliner

Products like Too Faced’s Better That Sex Easy Glide Waterproof Liquid Liner (£21/$25) are cult favorites for a reason; when you master it, it creates a very sharp image and will not move.

Eyeshadow – A winged liner can also be achieved with eyeshadow and an angled liner brush. Depending on the amount of color reproduction and the look you’re going for, this may be easier to use (a soft shade of brown, for example, won’t show as much error as a dark shade).

When choosing the product that’s right for you, considering your eye shape will *deeply* help you with one part of your work (below). Choosing a look that compliments your natural eyes is the key to a flawless wing.

For those whose inner corners are higher than the outer corners of their eyes, emphasizing this enhanced shape gives a great effect. Focus on raising your wings so that they are raised to your temple.

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For those with low-set eyes, your outer corner is lower than your inner corner. Some may want to counteract their low profile by drawing a line to their temple, but others may want to emphasize their natural shape by following low lines.

Those who have eyes with inner and outer corners and length, not width, have almond eyes. Almond eyes can be exaggerated by choosing a straight wing that is stretched vertically.

This is my eye shape, and although most people can’t do wings with a sharp eye, you can.

Curved eyes have an upper-eyelid crease that partially hides your lid. It is important to choose a formula with a long wearing time, to avoid transfer. To get a symmetrical wing, look directly into the mirror when applying the product and use the corner of your outer corner as a guide.

How To Do Perfect Cat Eye Makeup With Eyeliner

As a rule of thumb, planning the look you want is a good place to start. Look directly into the mirror and place a dot where you want your wings to end. Place one on the outside of your bottom corner and the other on the outside of your top corner – making a triangle pattern.

Take a deep breath. It’s time to draw your first line. For stability, rest your palm on the side with your fingers on your upper cheekbone.

Start by connecting the dot at the bottom of your tip with the dot at the end of your wing. Make sure you use a slight twist to direct the product rather than holding it

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