Hydrating Moisturizers For Winter Weather

Hydrating Moisturizers For Winter Weather – For most of us, winter is synonymous with dry (bad) skin. So today I’m sharing my favorite moisturizers to keep you cozy during the cold, winter months.

I don’t know about you but my skin is feeling the effects of winter. It’s cold here in Ireland – 0 degrees C in the morning – so between the bad weather outside and the heat inside, it’s stuffy, dry and slippery.

Hydrating Moisturizers For Winter Weather

Thanks tretinoin I woke up a few days ago with a nasty rash in my nose and mouth. Yuck.

Amazon.com: Pond’s Dry Skin Cream , 6.5 Ounce

As a result, I have stepped up a lot – oils and mists for example – and that means a change in moisturisers. I travel harder in the summer and heavier in the winter. So below are my favorites for winter skin. I’ve divided it into items you can get at the drugstore, some middle-of-the-road items and the no-nonsense section.

This super light product is great for oily or sensitive skin as it doesn’t clog pores. I contain a special hyaluronic acid matrix to lock in moisture and release it gently over time.

This very rich composition (although it comes in light form) is my product for the desert island. It contains sunflower + almond oil and glycerin and beeswax. It’s too thick to spread or apply to the skin – it’s better to just pat it on. When a peel is applied to my dry skin, I reach for this bad boy. It’s also great for rough bits like elbows, knees and ankles.

Skin type and appearance). Like many of their products, it contains hyaluronic acid to attract moisture + ceramides to lock it in. This is great for the body and I often use it as a moisturizer after a shower.

How To Keep Your Skin Moisturized For The Rest Of Winter

I love the Regenerist range and have been using it for donkey’s years. It has a beautiful, rich texture and is non-greasy at the same time. Contains niacinimide, glycerin, B3, peptides and shea butter. All good containers!

This light texture is great for combination and sensitive skin. I totally forgot how good this is for the winter months and have been using it every day for the past few weeks. It contains glycoprotein from ice cream – known to be very hydrating – and squalane (from olives), to restore and strengthen the moisture barrier.

This peel-off is suitable for all skin types. It contains hyaluronic acid (seeing the pattern here?) and aloe vera to attract and retain moisture in the skin. By using aloe juice and caffeine, it helps bring out the skin’s rehydration system (so good!). But the big bonus here is that it can be used on cosmetics to warm up when needed throughout the day.

This is a light cream, but very hydrating. I was given a free sample after I bought another product that I didn’t think would work for my skin. Boy was I wrong! Contains peptides and squalane that absorb quickly. This is a beautiful product – another from a wonderful Irish brand.

The 15 Best Moisturizers For Sensitive Skin, Tested And Reviewed

This is the perfect product for sensitive skin or anyone with skin problems. This usually means itchy skin, redness, pain or discomfort. A very velvety texture with evening primrose oil, shea butter, and vitamin c. It’s a small tube but worth it if you need more repairs. Good job first!

This is a real luxury. My mom gifted this to me (thanks Mom!) because she’s a Lancome loyalist, and things often kick in. According to Lancome this product has three ingredients:

This is the next one, I haven’t tried yet. It’s on my wish list. It means it’s revolutionary, it’s skin-changing. Augustinus is a stem cell and bioscientist who has discovered the Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8) – a ground-breaking compound that works to ‘unlock’ the skin’s signal and activate regeneration. It really surprised me. It also contains avocado oil and evening primrose oil (super hydrating) and beeswax. As far as I know, it’s pure heaven. If Santa is listening, this is at the top of my list!*This article contains information about retailers or brands that partner with DoorDash, and DoorDash earns a commission if you choose to purchase from these traders or brands.

Boy, it’s cold outside. My humidifier is humming, but it can’t escape the dry winter air, and my skin can feel it. I’ve been known to get “alligator” patches on my legs and back. So I went looking for moisturizers that really helped.

New England Winter Skincare Essentials

“This time of year, it’s so important to find a good moisturizer,” says Victoria L. Hatfield, a board-certified dermatology physician assistant in Washington, DC. “Cold weather and spending more time indoors with soap and hand sanitizers continues to dry out our skin, so we need to repair our skin barrier to keep it hydrated.” Moisturizer to the rescue!

From body butters to the best medicated oils, I tested 16 skin conditioners to find the best products to soothe and hydrate my dry winter skin. My method is simple: Take a shower and apply the water on freshly dried skin. I wanted to see how it smelled, how it felt, and how long it lasted. What happens to my skin a few minutes later, and a few hours? Now these moisturizing, moisturizing finds (the eight best) will keep my skin (and, possibly, yours) soft all winter long.

This is my favorite! My mom used this from her dermatologist who prescribed it for her dry skin years ago and she gave me some great advice. Hatfield is also a fan. It has a thick, creamy texture, and it still smells good when it touches my hands after a shower. It is made with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which are very effective for locking in moisture all day. Although a little, say, in the summer. It’s non-greasy, unscented, and goes well for when you need to fix that dry skin problem.

Hatfield uses Vanicream for herself and her family, including her two young children. “It’s fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and packed with hyaluronic acid and ceramides to help repair and restore the skin barrier,” she explains. “It’s safe for children, safe to use with allergies, and safe to use from head to toe.”

Winter Skin Survival Tips: The Ultimate Dry Skin Routine

I got this because it smells fresh, bright and sweet. Formulated with Vitamin E, shea butter, and soothing botanical oils, it goes on light but still soothes my skin. I really liked the lingering citrusy scent. This is my pick for skin that isn’t too dry, but could still use a lift.

When my skin was dull, years ago, this was my dermatologist’s choice, and it’s been my bathroom staple ever since. Enriched with prebiotic oat and clinically proven to soothe dull, blemish-prone, and dry skin, it’s lighter and more hydrating. It is odorless and mild.

Rosehip seed oil, almond oil, and Vitamin E are part of this formula. It’s a heavy floral scent that I feel comfortable wearing – it’s like going to the perfume section at a department store. The light, thin texture belies its intense moisturizing oomph; it leaves my skin soft. Although the scent is a little heavy for my taste, I like the look and feel on my skin.

I’ve been adding the Beauty Beauty Primer Repair Cream to the CeraVe section of my go-tos when it gets really dry. This thick oil, specially formulated for dry skin, dark skin and acne, offers its protective effect. Now I keep this on hand for my rough elbows and heels. Fragrance-free and made with pure ingredients, this is dry skin relief.

The Best Face Moisturizers For Dry Skin, According To Dermatologists

The drugstore formula is infused with shea butter and claims to leave skin feeling plump and plump for 48 hours. I loved the simple, clean scent, even if you’re avoiding mineral oil or fragrance, this oil has both. It has a nice mid-flow and rich texture, but it’s a little sticky and I didn’t like it when I first applied it. But the next day, as promised, my skin felt good.

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