Beauty Hack: How To Revive Dried Out Mascara

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Sky Kim is a hairstylist with over ten years experience. He is currently working with Serge Normant and John Frieda in New York City.

Beauty Hack: How To Revive Dried Out Mascara

Looking to recreate Euphoria’s eye makeup? Want to jazz up the inner part of your eyes with liner? Not only do you want good technique, you want your eyeliner to flow. Dry eyeliner is nearly impossible to work with and can lead to smudging, smudging, and uneven application—keeping you from the look you’re after.

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There are a couple of reasons why your eyelashes are dry: maybe it’s the quality of the formula you use or how you store it. (The real value can be said to store liquid liners hanging upside down to brush or wait to fill with ink.) Perhaps you forgot to re-cap pen or gel. (We’ve all been there.) Luckily, there are easy DIY hacks to fix stuck-on eyeliner, so you can extend the life of your product.

Ahead, two famous artists who create beauty styles, share tips on how to fix dry eyeliner. Read on to learn more.

Make-up benefits invest in Inglot Duraline, a luminous liquid that you can mix with various make-up products – including eyeliner – to prolong its life. You can also use it to make eye shadow liquid.

Bryant loves this product for turning dry eyelids, especially creams and gels. “If your product starts to feel dry, adding a few drops of Duraline from Inglot is an instant fix,” she says. “Duraline not only restores the heat needed for a good application, it also adds a locking, waterproofing benefit to every process.”

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This simple tip is for reviving a dried up fiber. “If your sensory drain isn’t working, first try pressing the tip on the back of your hand and holding it there for a few seconds,” Bryant explains, explaining that this can Activate the product to start. “It may be that the eyelashes need a little renewal, but if nothing appears, it is usually an indication that the pen is out of pigment and it is time for a new one.”

Try to dry the pencil or the liquid method thoroughly with water. “Put the eyeliner in a glass of hot water or run it under the tap to heat up the eyeliner and give it another life,” suggests Lo. “It will take about three to five minutes until you see the eyeliner start to melt. Remember to dry [the eyeliner] with a cloth and then remove the water first.” He adds that you can get a similar effect by covering it with a warm blanket.

Note, be careful not to overdo it, because you don’t want to compromise the integrity of your product.

Another heat-related tip is to use a dryer, Lo explains. This works best for pencils that have become dull and dull, and won’t pull when you apply gentle pressure. “Place the eyeliner on a towel and use a blow dryer to dry the eyeliner for about five to 10 minutes,” advises Lo. He adds that you should keep the dryer about six inches away. Then, “do it together after cleaning the eyeliner and it will look like new.”

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Take the felt rod out of the powder dispenser and try to fill it with water, Bryant suggests. “If your product is new or has not been used much, check if the scale is dry and if so, you can try to add water,” he says. “To do this, you need to get the entire rod out of the eyeliner pen. Most of the material will open at the end of the liner, but you can use tweezers to remove the entire part.”

Once you remove the rod, you’ll start the rehydration process: “Put the rod in a cup of hot water for a minute or two to cool the water,” says Bryant. “Then, remove the rod from the water and warm it up before returning it to the pen. If the number of the tool is completely dry before rehydrating, you can see that the value needs a small cut in the pen the cuticle to bring it back. Its original shape is the key to getting that sharp line.”

This tip works best with gel eyeliner, says Lo. He says it’s important to go slowly, but “be careful to only apply one drop at a time, because too much oil will make the eyelashes run faster.” when you put it on.”

Once you’ve added your oil, Lo says to use a measuring cup to poke holes in the system and allow the oil to seep into it. “Then put the cap back on and let the eyelashes sit overnight. In the morning it will be ready. use.”

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For pencil eyeliner, Lo recommends building up the quality regularly. “Always sharpening the eyeliner pencil will help keep it moist. Sometimes just the tip can be wiped off so dab it on a paper towel to remove the liner if that’s the case .”

Lo advises to store eyeliner indoors so that it does not dry: “Unless the brand tells you, do not store your eyeliner in extreme temperatures such as a refrigerator or freezer, or leave them in the car on a hot day or melting process can damage its integrity and use.”

Proper protection of your eyelids includes maintaining an airtight seal. This tip will help make any liquid, cream, gel, or eyeliner feel flawless. “After each use make sure to lift up or put the cap back on the pencil to make sure no air is leaking,” said Lo. As a consumer and makeup artist, sometimes makeup products are drying and frustrating. I invest in products that I can’t wait to use and suddenly they don’t seem to have the same consistency or texture as when new. So here are my best tips to fix dry makeup!

For the most part, cream products are at the center of this activity. If you have a cream makeup like Brow Pomade, you can use a foundation spray to help it come back to life.

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You can also use HEAT. Try to put something under the lamp for about 30 seconds to a minute and when you see that it starts to shine or sweat, then it will be repeated. Also use a hair dryer, this can be done when the eyeliner pencil is dry! You can also mix the cream with skin care products such as 100% Argan oil or coconut oil to revitalize. Do not use any oil that may irritate your skin like peppermint oil etc.

Contact solution can also be used especially to revive dry mascara. But add a small amount at a time so that it does not become too wet. Along these same lines you can use Eye Drops to help with dry skin but use it as a last resort because usually these medicines have antihistamines in them, so it’s not the best thing to put on the skin.

Blenders like Inglot’s Duraline can also be used to replace dry cream. Mix the ingredients and use a small whisk as it will thicken quickly once mixed.

Use a hydrating Primer and mix it with your cream to bring it back to life. An oil-free moisturizer can also be a great option to mix in.

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Remember to always try and store these makeup products properly and safely to avoid dryness. Also, try to store these cream products on top so that the oil can go to the top and not to the side. Hope these answers and tips are helpful. In a recent TikTok, a makeup expert shares one of his best tips for making the skin soft after applying your makeup: a quick application of the magic balm.

In her TikTok video, Angela (@angelashippenmakeup) shares one of her favorite products that gives her makeup routine a little something extra: Dr. Bronner’s Magic Balm.

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“Have you heard of the OG magic balm?” he asked in the video. “This has a bunch of different oils in it. It’s a strong, strong oil that you can use anywhere on the body. It gives a really nice, natural, glow. gloss on the face, so if your makeup looks a little dry, or you feel like you need a little more moisture in your makeup, you can take a little bit of your hand… a little bit with your fingers, then press it on the skin.

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