Oxygen Infusion Therapy

Oxygen Infusion Therapy – Oxygen is one of the most essential elements for life. The oxygen we breathe from the air around us helps to keep our body and skin clean of impurities and toxins. As we age, our skin’s oxygen levels naturally decline, which contributes to dehydration, laxity, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines.

Oxygen Infusion is a specialized skin therapy treatment designed to replenish the hydration levels in your skin while giving you a rejuvenated look. The face is not the only area that can benefit from Oxygen Infusions. Your neck, décolleté and hands can glow with that youthful dewy glow. Some celebrities talk about the amazing benefits of oxygen facials. Madonna swears by them, and even Kate Middleton is rumored to have had an oxygen facial before the royal wedding.

Oxygen Infusion Therapy

An Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion treatment is the perfect pre-event treatment because of the instant hydration and glow it produces on your skin that lasts for days.

Intravenous Oxygen Therapy

Men, women and teenagers can benefit from an oxygen infusion treatment. Anyone frustrated with dull, dehydrated skin can benefit from the temporary infusion of hyaluronic acid, minerals, vitamins and copious amounts of antioxidants to help soften and brighten skin and make it radiant.

The experience begins with a soothing cleanse and gentle exfoliation to rid your skin of any surface oil or impurities. The serum is delivered with an airbrush-like handpiece that glides over your skin in an oxygen bubble. The infusion uses pressurized oxygen to deliver low molecular weight hyaluronic acid into the deeper layers of your skin. At first, the spray feels cool and smooth, but with each pass you’ll move into a deeper relaxed state. The treatment ends with the application of hyaluronic acid with a higher weight which reaches the middle and upper layers of the skin for complete hydration.

Intraceuticals uses different weights of hyaluronic acid to literally fill the skin with hydration. Using a low molecular weight hyaluronic acid combined with Aloe Vera, green tea and vitamins a, c and e, the skin is instantly and visibly revived.

Hyaluronic acid is the body’s natural moisture factor, and the ability to hold and retain moisture is the secret to youthful, healthy skin. As we age, our bodies produce less Hyaluronic Acid, which is thought to be one of the main causes of premature skin aging.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Infusion Los Gatos & San Mateo

Unlike other oxygen facials, which atomize or spray oxygen into the skin, the Intraceuticals Oxygen System uses pure oxygen under pressure to deliver a special serum of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and peptides in the skin. Oxygen makes up 18-21% of the atmosphere and is needed to sustain life. The Intraceuticals system draws in oxygen and filters it to a concentration of 90-95% pure oxygen. Your skin will instantly look and feel healthier.

You will see an increased hydration and saturation of your skin after one treatment. However, the results are temporary lasting approximately 4-6 days, making it a great treatment. Repeated treatments will increase the longevity of the effects; therefore, a series will produce more consistent results. Ideally, start with a series of six treatments, one per week for six weeks, increasing the length as the treatments progress. Then keep the results every four to six weeks or as needed.

A single treatment is $125 Series of 4 or more save 15% Check out our membership page for a great way to save on aesthetic facials (including oxygen infusions) at a significant savings! At Medical Spa Supply, our mission is to provide equipment, supplies and business solutions to Med Spa and Medical Esthetics partners that help their businesses thrive. One such solution is our Best Price Guarantee. We want you and your staff to feel confident that you are buying products at the best possible price. We help you eliminate wasted time shopping and comparing prices so you have more time to grow your business. If you see an item advertised elsewhere, please chat, call or email us before placing your order and we will match the most prices delivered for the same item in the continental US. Please note that we will not match the prices of items listed on Ebay / other auction websites or from companies that violate the manufacturer’s advertised minimum price policies.

Pure Oxygen Infusion Portable is a unique delivery system that uses advanced manufacturing technology. We use chemistry to provide a safe and effective environment of pure oxygen. Therefore, every skin type, condition and color can benefit from an oxygen infusion facial.

Oxygenceuticals Glass Skin Dome Facial

This is the real innovation of the car. Small and compact, yet our portable oxygen machine creates instant beautiful and healthy skin results. Clients and/or patients receive immediate gratification after their first treatment.

The skin changes are dramatic. Yet safe even for the most sensitive skin. Skincare therapists love our Oxygen Infused Skincare. Estheticians can schedule their clients twice a week for three weeks to meet their client’s skin goals.

We use 21% of oxygen (same as we breathe). Air flow is consistent. The airflow rate can be adjusted on the airbrush itself when working in localized areas.

Phase 1 C, E Complex Oxygen Infusion Serum increases skin volume and improves the overall appearance of the skin. An antioxidant serum that protects the skin from free radical damage.

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Brightening Phase 1 Oxygen Infusion Serum fights pigmented skin changes that can occur due to sun exposure, medications or hormonal challenges. Due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients of the brightening phase 1, it is perfect for hypersensitive skins. Kojic acid, blackberry extract and licorice root are powerful pigment inhibitors that deactivate tyrosinase to lighten and brighten the entire skin without irritation or inflammation.

Oxygen Infused Skin Care: We set out to formulate pure science skin care to improve skin health. Our skin care is free of parabens, sulfates, imidazolidinyl urea, idiazolidinyl urea and petroleum jelly. The Skin for Life Lab never tests on animals to formulate our immune-directed skin care. That’s why skin care professionals choose Skin for Life! It’s our pure, proven ingredients that keep our customers happy. They see results with every application. In addition, we provide skin care professionals with everything they need to perform a professional oxygen facial infusion. Estheticians will be able to create a special skin treatment using our complex A, C, E serum. This antioxidant serum increases skin vitality by creating an infusion of vitamins A, C and E. These important vitamins repair and recover the skin from daily environmental stress. The #1 condition that is difficult to treat without proper skin care treatment and home care is Hyperpigmentation. We created a formula that only aims to improve and reduce pigmentation concerns. Our Oxygen Infused Brightening Serum has Kojic Acid, Liquorice and Bearberry Extract to improve pigmentation concerns without redness or skin irritation. However, don’t forget our other two Antibacterial and Sensitive Oxygen Infused Serums. Enhance your menu of services by offering additional oxygen facials for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin. LED Light Therapy – optional The possibilities are endless when you purchase a Skin for Life machine. You can add LED light therapy to your portable pure oxygen infusion machine. Clients want immediate skin results after the first treatment. They want to see skin progress. Using LED light therapy after an oxygen facial is the perfect treatment plan that will meet your client’s expectations.

Items Included with Purchase (1) Airbrush Gun with Hose (1) 1 oz. O2 Purifier (1) Power Cord Oxygen Infusion Skin Care (1) Complex A, C, E Oxygen Infusion Stage 1 (1) Oxygen Infusion Lighting Stage 1 (1) Activator Stage 2 oxygen infusion Optional LED Light Therapy – can be added with purchase (1) RED LED Light Therapy Handpiece (1) BLUE LED Light Therapy Handpiece Additional Items Included: (50) Oxygen Infusion Rack Cards (50) LED Light Therapy Wrist Cards – can be added with purchase Schedule a free training from Skin for Life’s licensed skin care professionals via webinar using FaceTime or Skype. Skin for Life clients can schedule a visit to our corporate training facility for a complimentary one-on-one initial training.

Skin for Life was started in 2002 and is a division of Lifeline Medical, Inc. founded in 1991. Skin for Life began distributing skin care equipment in 2002 in the New York Tri-State area. They quickly became aware of the need for quality, affordability and innovation with skin care equipment by listening to the esthetician community. In 2003, their Research and Development Division in Brooksville, Florida worked hard with the help of outside consultants to manufacture skin care equipment in the US. Their first success was with our Nue Skin microdermabrasion machines. Their clients rely on Skin for Life’s expert aesthetic equipment and/or skin care training. Their corporate education staff consists of dual-licensed skin care professionals to assist skin care clients with training.

Omelon Nano Oxygen Device

We will schedule a free training session with a licensed skin care professional via Zoom. We can also schedule in-person training at the Skin for Life corporate training facility in Florida. We are fascinated by authentic Korean skin care technology. So much so that we have invested in two high-tech Korean grooming machines. Oxygen

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