How To Style Denim Jackets

How To Style Denim Jackets – I love the dress jacket! A denim jacket is a quirky wardrobe staple that can be worn a million different ways. It’s basically like wearing jeans on your top half and we all know that jeans go with everything. It’s great for several seasons, but my favorite season to wear it is spring! So, if you need ideas for your denim jacket, today I’m sharing a lot of denim jacket outfits for spring that you can take advantage of.

Tip #1 – Find a soft and stretchy denim jacket. . There it is. I never want you to be uncomfortable with style – I believe that style should work for you, not the other way around. So, I recommend you find a comfortable jacket. You’ll never wear anything else, so comfort is key!

How To Style Denim Jackets

Tip 22 – If in doubt, wash on medium. If you have strong feelings about washing, go with your will. If there is NO LIGHT, start with a darker wash than a medium wash. This range works well with most skin tones and works easily with many colors and styles.

Stylish Ways To Wear A Denim Jacket In 2024 Every Woman Must Try

TIP #3 – Aim for a fit with less placement. Again, if you have strong ideas about a style (like super hip and know how to pull off a look, big or small), go for it! But if you don’t know, wear clothes that fit around the body and sleeves. This will help you look more flattering instead of boxy and will help you work more easily with skirts and dresses.

My favorite denim jacket, an outfit I’ve been sharing for years, is the Helena jacket from KUT, which you can find here . It has a candy color and is easier to wash. It’s currently low on stock, but it’s coming back regularly, so check back from time to time. You can find it here. The Helena jacket comes in several other washes, which you can find here. Empathetic color is a good medium wash as I said above. Try it here.

The Helena jacket is a little pricey, but it’s the most comfortable denim jacket I’ve ever tried. It’s very soft (at least on the Candy color…not sure about the other washes). This is too long. It’s easy. It’s so comfortable to wear around! It really fits the body as you can see below. One downside is the lack of a side pocket. I personally thought it would be a major deal breaker, but in the three years I’ve owned it, I haven’t missed a single out of pocket. Comfort is precious to me. However, I know it can be a deal breaker for some. My advice is to order and be fair

, Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns on all orders. You can try it just to get a feel for it and see if you really miss your pocket or if the trade-off is worth it. If you need your wallet, return it for free.

Best Denim Jacket Outfits

Find the Helena Denim Jacket here. I usually wear a size S/M or 6 and this jacket is a size M and it still fits great. So let’s grow up.

More denim jackets below! I haven’t tried many of them myself, but if I hear anything that catches anyone’s attention, I’ve written it in the notes below each item. Scroll and click on the widget below to check each one:

Like I said before, a denim jacket goes with so many things because it’s like wearing a pair of jeans over the top half. We all know how versatile gender is!

It works really well with jeans and a casual outfit. More specifically, black, white, olive, red, yellow, etc. pair it with your colorful bottoms and it all works with denim boots!

How To Style Jean Jackets: 12 Outfit Ideas To Copy

This tea is so smooth and relaxing! It doesn’t draw like it’s supposed to, but it works well with knots.

These black jeans are an eco-friendly pair made by Liverpool. They are very long, but they don’t hang and they hold their shape well. Find them here. I wear a size 6.

This is similar to the “b” version of the above look, with wide, straight-leg pants instead of skinny jeans. These pants are from Old Navy (BU) but unfortunately they are limited in size. However, here is a similar pair from LOFT.

If you’re interested in the Old Navy pair I’m wearing, that’s cool! A very comfortable, convenient option for work. The material is very thick and the pants are very long, including an elastic waist at the back. It also has pockets. It looks so cute and adorable for spring! See if you can get your size here. I wear a size 4 so size up.

How To Wear A Denim Jacket For Men: Outfit And Style Guide 2024

The coat pairs well with work-ready blouses and heels, but you can wear it with a t-shirt and fresh white sneakers or sandals for a fresh spring look.

Here’s a classic striped tea dress. This one is also very old from H&M, but there are some similar ones linked below.

This is the “b” version of the outfit above, with a different striped top and yellow instead. This top is also old and no longer available, I couldn’t find a good alternative. Sorry! But here’s a similar teacup in maroon.

These are Roti’s sneakers. They are quite expensive, so if you are wondering if they are worth the price, you can read my original review here. I will tell you that I like them more and more over time! Find them here. I wear a size 9.

Ways To Wear A Denim Jean Jacket That Will Always Look Cool

BTW, my flats are the Amazon pair in yellow. I’ve seen them for years and love them as a cheap option. The upper is very flexible, especially for this price. Often cheap flats feel hard and cardboard, but these are more flexible in comparison and fail to impress me even after a year or two. They don’t have any support at all, which isn’t surprising given the price, just a headache. Plus, they run wide, so if you have narrow legs, skip them. They come in lots of cute colors. Find them here. I wear a size 9.

You can also wear a denim jacket with a classy casual outfit. An easy way to do this is to ditch the previous outfit formula of jeans + tee + denim jacket and bring out a higher top. Complete with flats or heels. Easy peasy!

The shoe is a yellow version of those Amazon homes we mentioned above (the red flats on the front). Love!

This top is available on Amazon for just $21 to $29. Very thick, PMT has been a monthly bestseller and works for both high-end and casual wear. See how I wore it here. Available in multiple prints and solid colors! I’m wearing a size 6 dress in Sea Grape Leaf, check it all out here.

Outfits With Denim Belted Jackets For Ladies

A denim jacket is also my skirt. If you have a lot of skirts in interesting colors or prints, a denim jacket is a great finishing piece, if not all of them. As I mentioned before, if you choose one that fits well, it should work well with the volume that the skirt creates. Plus, since denim and denim go with so many colors and prints, it’s easily paired with statement skirts.

This skirt is an old vest. The pockets and the back of the waist are slightly elastic and comfortable. There are many different colors that you can see here. I wear size M

I just got this skirt and haven’t worn it in the real world yet (I have nowhere to go yet, haha), but I love it. Lightweight with soft material and comfortable elastic waist. It flows perfectly and is so cute! Plus, it’s only $22-$27! 6 is out of print. See them. I wear size M

It’s no surprise that a denim jacket is also my go-to when I need another layer with a dress. The first layer I’ll always try with a shirt, again, a more fitted shirt, will work easier with shirts because of the size of the shirts.

The New Denim Jacket: Styled Five Ways

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